Mykonos is also widely known as the Island of Winds. They are fierce and omnipresent, having shaped the island over the years. The islanders have come to terms with the winds and in fact they have used them to their advantage. The iconic windmills, perhaps the most notable and universally acclaimed landmark on the Cycladic island of Mykonos, are everywhere. On the highest peaks of the cliffs, overlooking the Aegean and offering their emblematic character all around. 

Dating back from the 15th century, the windmills have been built especially to benefit from the winds blowing harsh. Mykonos used to be a commercial hub and the process of goods was inevitable. So they built these structures, in order to generate power and make the most out of what they had at hand. 

Nowadays, the use of windmills is not the same as before. It is true that there are no contemporary needs for such mechanisms. But there is always room for culture and history. This is what the windmills depict most eloquently through their beauty and style. Many have been turned into small art galleries and cultural museums. Climb up to the windmills and take pictures, gazing at the deep blue sea far away. Pure enchantment, for sure! 
Mykonos Town
The heart of Mykonos is its Chora or else Mykonos Town. A place where time literally stands still, with its never-ending charms and Cycladic bliss. Whitewashed houses nestled within the town, connected through picturesque cobbled pathways forming labyrinths. This is where Anagram Boutique Hotel lies, in the very essence of Mykonos island. And everything is more vibrant there, lively and cheerful! 

There are restaurants and cafeterias, bars and clubs, shopping venues with souvenirs and jewelry, in a nutshell the distinctive nature and unique aura of the island beats right here. Most of the time, you will find it closed to cars and other vehicles. In this way, Mykonos Town is able to maintain its lovely and spectacular identity. 

Even though during the day you will find a relaxed, precious atmosphere everywhere you go, during the night a whole new world of entertainment and frenzy bursts before your eyes. If you are looking for endless moments of partying and dancing to the latest beats, concerts with the world's most famous Djs and artists from all over the world, then Mykonos Town is where you should be!
Mykonos Town
Little Venice
Little Venice
The heart of Mykonos beats at Mykonos Chora. The traditional Mykonian architecture, the iconic windmills and the majestic narrow pathways taking you to shopping venues, clubs and restaurants, these are all elements of the finest local flair. On the edge of Mykonos Chora or Mykonos Town, a special touch of color awaits! It is Little Venice, a neighborhood dating back to the Medieval times when Venetian merchants inhabited the island. 

Due to the ever-present threats of the pirates, the Venetians needed to come up with a plan that allowed them to protect their belongings. And they did so through a distinctive construction. More specifically, the houses built on the waterfront were equipped with an underwater dock that enabled them to load and unload cargo within minutes. 
The houses of the Venetians are not in line with the typical all-white Mykonian neighborhoods. You will find vivid colors on the walls, forming an exceptional place to be. Now these houses are not inhabited, but they have been transformed into bars and cafeterias. They are world renowned as the best place to enjoy the magical Mykonian sunset. 
So you are most welcome to start early on and stroll up and down the promenade by the harbor of Mykonos. Choose the ideal spot and sip on fruity cocktails, sitting all the way till the chromatic masterpiece of nature is over. 

This is a remarkable experience, without a doubt, leaving you speechless and in anticipation of the next sunset experience in Mykonos...again from Little Venice, if you wish to repeat the same heart-tingling emotions and watch the sun dipping into the Aegean Sea from up close! 
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